Floslek White & Beauty Spot Cream Lightening Discolouration And Freckles 20 Ml




MOISTURIZED SKIN – Applying the cream improves hydration and lubrication of the skin. It improves its overall appearance. It can be used under make-up.
BLEACHING COMPLEX – The product contains a plant extract (extract from Amla berries) with strong whitening properties. While using he cream, it is recommended to protect the skin from the sun.
EFFECTS CONFIRMED BY RESEARCH – After using the cream the skin is lightened and the discoloration is less noticeable. The skin regains its natural color. The cream also inhibits the formation of new pigmentation changes.
SAFE VEGAN PRODUCT – The cream is dermatologically tested. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin, allergens, dyes, fragrance composition and parabens. It is intended for all skin types.