Versus Marine Collagen
Feed your inner beauty every day with VERSUS™ Marine Collagen caplets. This super blend of collagen, Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C nourishes your core and promotes collagen synthesis for healthy hair, nail, skin, and bones. Upgrade your wellness routine with...
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Versus Ashwangandha & Ginseng
Stress? Anxiety? Restless nights? Don’t worry. The Queen of Adaptogens is here for good. VERSUS™ Ashwagandha & Ginseng relaxes and tonifies the nervous system, optimizes sleep, improves insomnia, calms the mind, and boosts the memory, all naturally, of course! Reduces...
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Versus Green & Blue Spirulina
A wonder vitamin, Spirulina is a blue-green alga known as the superfood of the future due to its high protein and vitamin content. It contains several nutrients & antioxidants and is the perfect superfood for a healthy diet. Natural Detoxifier...
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Versus Garcinia & Green Coffee
Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit, whereas Green Coffee beans are well known for weight management properties. Save yourself from the unnecessary binge and let the fusion of hydroxy citric acid and chlorogenic acid help you naturally burn fat and...
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Versus Shaker Bottle
Our shaker helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day, and the blending ball has been designed to give you a smooth shakes. It’s an essential for your gym bag to stay fuelled, wherever you are. Unique blending for smooth...
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Versus D-Mannose & Cranberry
Cranberry extract is popular in treating UTIs due to its abundance in proanthocyanidins. It has a better effect when taken with D Mannose, a type of fruit sugar that serves as a fertilizer for good bacteria in the body. A...
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Versus Turmeric & Black Pepper
Say goodbye to years old aches and pains. Turmeric is an herbal component with a long history of use in India. The active ingredients in Turmeric include beneficial flavonoids called Curcuminoids, which are plant-based antioxidants. The piperine present in Black...
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Versus Oh My Gut
“ Feel more like You, and a lot more comfortable too! “ OH MY GUT! is a comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes uniquely formulated to complement and support your body’s own digestive capacities. A blend of 18 full-spectrum digestive enzymes...
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Versus Marine Collagen (Powder)
Versus™ Marine Collagen is exclusively designed to meet the nutritional requirements of Super Active Women and help them live each to the fullest. We have taken exceptional care to deliver an optimum diet for enhancing physical performance and beauty to...
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