Keune Style Straight Cream 200ml
Smoothes Curly Frizzy Hair Lovely smooth hair is easy to achieve. As long as you start with a good styling prep, with N°57 Straight Cream. This heat-activated cream does what it promises – without harsh chemicals – adding shine and...
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Keune Hair Straightener Extra Forte 85ml
Chemically Straight Hair Keune Hair Straightener with Phyto Keratine (K+) and Silk Protein for extra conditioning. Straightens curly hair, leaving it smooth and manageable. It contains cationactive Phyto Keratin (K+) and Silk Protein, leaving the hair beautiful and shiny.Keune Hair...
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Loreal Paris Elvive Keratin Straight
Loreal Paris  Elvive Keratin Straight Oil Replacement combines black cumin oil and micro-keratin in one power formulation that helps to replenish hair fibers from the inside out to keep it protected from heat damage and other external aggression. The formula...
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