POND'S Germ Protect Face Wash - 100g
Pond's Germ Protect Face Wash - 100 gm
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POND'S White Beauty Tone Up Cream - 50g
Pond's White Beauty Tone Up Cream - 50 gm
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POND'S Detox and Nourish Value Pack
Includes the Ponds Pure White Anti Pollution and Purity Face Wash (50gm) + Ponds Honey & Almond lotion (100ml)  
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POND'S Micellar Aloe Vera Water Cleanser - 100ml
Lose the make up, not the glow Supercharged with vitamins Clinically proven makeup removal 99 Percent eye makeup removal 100 Percent alcohol free Waterproof makeup removal
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POND'S Micellar Charcoal Water Cleanser - 100ml
Ponds vitamin micellar water d-tox charcoal / Pond 's 100ml vitamin rich facial cleanser Micellar water was the first to be enriched with vitamins Ponds ’ S vitamin micellar water brightening rose formulated with 5 vitamins (Vitamins a, b3, b5,...
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POND'S Men Anti Acne Solution Facial Foam - 50g
Created with Mineral Clay & Witch Hazel Extract, Pond’s Men Acne Clear Oil Control face wash reduces excess oil and removes 99% Acne causing bacteria making it look clear & energized. Able to overcome acne starting in 3 days. Formulated...
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POND'S Pure White Facewash - 50g
Pond's Pure White Facewash - 50 gm
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POND'S Pure White Anti Pollution Purity Face Wash - 50g
Pond's Pure White Anti Pollution Purity Face Wash - 50 gm
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POND'S White Beauty Spot-Less Fairness Face Wash Foam - 50g
Pond's White Beauty Spot-Less Fairness Face Wash Foam - 50 gm
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Ponds have been creating solutions to address women's changing skincare requirements and concerns since 1846. Pond's skincare products are designed to produce stunning results. Our products bring out the best in women's skin, assisting it in glowing with radiance so she can always seem her most attractive. We believe that the more you know about your skin, the more beautiful it will become. 

Ponds firmly established itself as one of the world's top experts in advanced skincare research and diagnostics by establishing The Pond's Institute in the 1990s. Pond's is now a skincare leader across continents, with a range of products carefully created for different ages and lifestyles. Ponds will continue innovating and offering groundbreaking skincare firsts that keep skin clean, vibrant, and soft.

Pond's men's face wash range includes ponds acne facial wash that is Formed with Mineral Clay & Witch Hazel Extract, Pond's Men Acne Clear Oil Control face wash that diminishes natural oils and eliminates 99 percent Acne starting to cause microbes making it look clear & energized, able to overcome acne beginning in 3 days., Formulated with Thymol-T Lock & Clear Technology., and locks the bacteria that can cause acne.

A face cleanser removes waste products from your skin, allowing it to stay fresh. Face washes are intended to remove pollutants, bacteria, grime, and cosmetics from the skin. When your skin is washed too frequently, comes into touch with water, or is exposed to harsh soaps, its natural moisture is wiped away, leaving it vulnerable to dryness and irritation. 

While some cleansers for dry skin contain harsh chemicals to remove the impurities, the best form of face cleanser is a gentle cleanser, which removes impurities without robbing your skin of the natural oils that keep it hydrated and healthy-looking.

In today's world, we are exposed to more dust and pollution. Soap is no longer sufficient. Finally, the Pond's Institute announces its most recent anti-acne innovation, i.e., NEW Ponds acne facial wash, with Activated Thymo T Lock and Clear Technology that removes acne at the source to give you acne-clear skin in as little as three days! Works nicely on average to oily skin that is prone to acne and pimples. Wet your lips. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of face wash into your hand and work it into a lather with water. Massage and thoroughly rinse your face. Keep out of direct sunshine and heat.

The Pond's Institute remains a skincare leader by analyzing the changing demands of different skin types, revealing insights into how these skin aspects influence people's perceptions, developing formulae to give superior skin results, and expanding the Pond's men's face wash collection.

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