Nutrifactor Glucofactor - 30 Tablets
Benefits: Helps to Increase glucose uptake into the cells for proper utilization of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and prevents from insulin resistance. Helps to enhance insulin production and lowers the risk of heart diseases. Helps to prevent glucose intolerance and neuropathy....
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Nurtural Sita DM+ - 30 Tablets
Sita DM+ is a tailor-made combination of organic ingredients such as Benfotamine and Vitamin B12 to ensure the health and protection of your organs and nerves that are otherwise damaged due to diabetes. The polyphenols in cranberries play the vital...
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Nurtural Sita DM - 30 Tablets
SITA DM provides a safe and excellent way forward in your journey with diabetes. Based on recommendations by experts, SITA DM has all-natural ingredients to be used as an adjunct therapy with oral and injectable anti-diabetic treatment to control blood...
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Nurtural Immuno 10 - 30 Tablets
Immuno 10 is specially tailored for your heart health and has all the essential nutrients such as CoQ10, DHA and Vitamin E to reduce bad cholesterol (such as LDL & Triglycerides), improve HDL and overall cholesterol levels. On top of...
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