Erno Laszlo Phelityl Cleansing Bar



This moisturizing bar takes its skin-nourishing powers from our exclusive plant oil complex to help bind moisture to skin and keep it there for a softer, smoother appearance. Plus its fatty acid-rich formula helps to balance your complexion by mimicking the same nourishing oils and pH balance found in skin already

Soothe, soften and hydrate skin
Glycerin, a natural moisture magnet, to attract and hold hydration for a radiant glow.
Both palm and palm kernel oils to help regulate skins oil production
Use directly after Cleansing Oil, morning and night, as part of your bespoke Double Cleansing Ritual. First, dampen the bar under warm water. Next, gently massage the wet bar over your face using the rounded corners to stimulate circulation. You can also use your hands and fingertips to create a rich lather as well, remembering to include the delicate area of the neck. Rinse with warm water. Blot skin dry.

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