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Kocostar Plump Lip Capsule Mask - 7 Capsules


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Product Description:

What is the difference between cosmetics in capsules and ordinary ones?
Firstly, by the form of release: it is a highly concentrated serum, placed in a completely sealed package, excluding the ingress of air before opening.
Secondly, 1 capsule is intended for 1 application, so you open it and immediately use it completely, so the active substances do not have time to oxidize, and there are no preservatives in the composition. The concentration of the active substances themselves is very high, and the effect is targeted.
Thirdly, capsule serum is more effective than conventional products, because expensive components are usually placed in capsules that are difficult to coexist in complex formulations.

Plump Lip Capsule Serum is a cocktail based on root extract and vegetable oils to give lips a natural and sensual plumping effect without injections. The extract of anemarrhena asphodeloid has been used since antiquity in Chinese traditional medicine and acts as a filler, filling in wrinkles and unevenness and smoothing the skin texture. As a result, the skin, in this case the delicate skin of the lips, looks smoother, and the lips acquire a natural volume and a richer natural color. The serum also contains jojoba, argan, olive, foam and camellia oils to leave lips soft, supple and smooth. Plus adenosine, promotes active synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, reducing the number and severity of wrinkles, slowing down the processes of age-related changes. Plump Lip Capsule Mask is essentially a 3-in-1 product:

Directions for use : daily use is recommended for a lasting effect. The complex of 7 capsules-hearts is designed for a weekly course. ... The main rule when applying such serum to the skin is speed. It is better to distribute the contents of the ampoule directly with your fingertips, it is absorbed almost instantly, so there is no need to hesitate, because the active ingredients should be absorbed into the skin of the lips, and not into the fingertips.

Tip : To achieve a pronounced result, use the entire capsule at one time and rub in the serum for 1-2 minutes.

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