Catrice Magnetic Brush Set

Rs.3,000 Rs.1,500
Brush search was yesterday! It is an absolute must-have for beauty lovers: the Magnetic Brush Set. The five makeup brushes for face and eyes are the ideal tools for a perfect look. With the magnetic attachments on the brushes and the associated magnetic frame for storage, the set with the minimalist, cool design becomes an absolute eye-catcher in the bathroom or on the cosmetic table.

Beauty tip
The magnetic attachments on the brushes and the matching frame are not only suitable for stylish storage and make it easier to find the right brush. They also offer an ideal opportunity to let the brushes dry after cleaning. Carefully remove make-up residues from the brush with a special brush cleaner or mild shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water. Use the magnets to hang the brushes in the holder and let them dry.

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