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List of Best Maybelline Products to Shop at Cozmetica

Maybelline New York is the top makeup brand which people in Pakistan opt to shop makeup from. With the span of time, Maybelline has become a sustainable and top-notch brand. Maybelline products remain so soft and easy to handle on skin. The beginners easily go with the flow when learning makeup tricks. From Maybelline mascaras to Maybelline foundation, all are quite easy to adjust on the skin. Maybelline brand is known to many beauty enthusiasts as an iconic yet accessible brand.

This has become a trend to carry five-minute makeup essential products along, when getting late for office or any purpose. Maybelline products works as 2 in 1. Many clients, bloggers and celebrities have stated that they use Maybelline lipsticks as cheek tints. At Cozmetica store, Maybelline products are easily accessible with free delivery. Maybelline fit me foundation price range is also different as compared to other stores. The products work as essentials.

Cozmetica Store brings all the Maybelline products at one place. It’s the store where you enter at and do not leave until the cart is full. You do not have to search many sites and then shortlist products, Cozmetica has solved all these problems at once. Maybelline products that are available at Cozmetica are as follows: -

  • Maybelline Foundation

This foundation is good to be used both occasionally and for daily use. The texture of foundation gives natural and light look.

  • Maybelline Compact Face Powder

The face powder controls oil from the T-Zone area. Henceforth, the makeup remains long lasting.

  • Maybelline Pump Foundation

The foundation holds the same function. The difference is just for the pump. This foundation is easy to carry a long when you travel.

  • Maybelline Fit me foundation

Fit me foundation works as a BB-Cream. You do not have to carry tons of makeup essentials with you if you add fit me in your bag.

  • Baby Skin Primer

Maybelline Primer is known to be the best primer, so far. It is light weight primer that actually works for the purpose applied.

  • Maybelline NY Volume Mascara

This mascara gives big volume eyes. It makes the eyes look fresh and does not shed from eyelashes.

  • Maybelline Primer Dewy Smooth

This primer is mostly used when heavy makeup is supposed to be applied.

  • Maybelline Eyeliner

Like other eyeliners, Maybelline eyeliner completes the makeup look. But if applied wrong, it is easy to fix it. It does not ruin the makeup. Fixing is easy.

  • Maybelline Sensational Matte Liquid

Maybelline matte are the best. They do not dry out the lips and yet give a fresh look to the lips. Being matte, they are still easy to remove.

  • Maybelline Lifter Lip Gloss

This lip gloss adds shine to the lips. It makes dehydrated lips look fuller and adds shine to the lipstick you wear.

Out of all these, I will be sharing good features of Maybelline products that are a must to have in makeup bags.

Maybelline fit me foundation price ranges are different at online stores. As their foundation comes in all sizes and packages, so the prices vary.

Maybelline high-volume mascara

Thinking of big curled, long-lasting eye lashes becomes possible with Maybelline high-volume mascara. Maybelline’s mascara is available in both versions – waterproof and the simple mascara. Both add volume to the eyelashes giving the eyes smooth finishing look. It is easy to be fixed.

Maybelline compact face powder

Summers brings along with them humid atmosphere which makes bodies sweat a lot. As much good makeup you put on, the sweating pulls it off and you look dull. Many compact powders claim they control sweat from the T-Zone area. Unfortunately, they fail. But Maybelline compact face powder saves the day. Unless used, not going to believe but yes it controls excessive sweating along with giving a fresh look. It does not make the makeup turn into grey or cakey.

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer is the light-weight product. So soft, when applied to the skin you don’t even feel anything is applied. Many primers don’t perform their job, Maybelline primer does. It pampers your skin and gives it a complete baby look which minimizes the pores.

In summers, primers are what everyone looks for and they often are out of stock. At Cozmetica, you can easily get the primer. Since they offer free deliveries with flash sales so you can even grab from Cozmetica and keep the stock for yourself. That’s what sales are meant for!

Maybelline Eyeliner

With eyeliner, the makeup is complete. If the eyeliner is not worn correctly, the look is ruined. Maybelline’s Eyeliner is easy to use because it comes with a brush or the pen. It is easy to be fixed without spoiling the makeup from any corner of the face.

When you mention Maybelline, the first thought that pops into your mind is flawless makeup, giving celebrity feels. Maybelline makeup adds natural value to the skin, there ingredients are carefully picked and used. There are little details about things that make them unique.

Therefore, Maybelline being a New York brand has the same hype in Pakistan as it has in America. Cozmetica never lets the spark of shopping in you die. All the products of Maybelline are no difficult to get from Cozmetica.

All of us look for makeup products. Everyone desires to have and wear good makeup which looks good on their skin and is budget friendly. brings exciting wild summer sales with free delivery on all orders.

As the season changes, so does their sales. Maybelline Foundation is available at their store at half price. They cover foundations for all skin tones. The flash sale with free delivery at Maybelline is a win-win treat. Maybelline fit me foundation price at Cozmetica ranges from 1,439-2,099 only.

First, the Maybelline products and second the Cozmetica sale, traps the customers that one cannot go empty hand. We cannot resist buying when we find all favorite things at one place. Cozmetica often beats the outlet stores that give the products at half price. For further assistance, experts are available which can further guide you.