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List of Best Affordable Branded Lipstick Price in Pakistan

Lipstick is a type of makeup that darkens, reddens, or shines on your lips. Lipstick prices in Pakistan range from low to high, depending on the quality and brand of the lipstick. Branded lipstick prices can exceed hundreds, and thousand depending upon the brand. The majority of lipsticks are a waxy, slightly creamy substance in a stick that is tinted with red pigment to color your lips. It's a cosmetic that dates back at least to the Middle Ages, and probably even further. If you choose the right shade of lipstick, it will define your lips and brighten your smile. Lipstick can help to complete your look. Women who wear lipstick are more self-assured. Some of the benefits of using lipsticks are many lipsticks contain sun protection ingredients that shield your lips from harmful UV rays. If you choose the right shade of lipstick, it will define your lips and brighten your smile. Women who wear lipstick are more self-assured. They are usually perceived as more attractive and in command by others. Lipstick is also a good booster for mood, lifting our spirits during difficult times. It immediately gives us a sense of power. Lipsticks reveal a lot about a person's personality. While most of us will have a plethora of lip colors. 

The following are some of the best affordable branded lipsticks that anyone in Pakistan can easily afford.


Cosnova Beauty, the company that owns essence cosmetics, is based in Germany, where animal testing for cosmetics has been prohibited since 1998. Essence goods meet European and American ingredient, manufacturing, and testing standards. Essence Cosmetics Pakistan is well-known for its low-cost, high-quality products. This company's goal is to provide the world with high-quality makeup at a low cost. These products are aimed specifically at middle-class people, allowing them to have access to high-quality makeup as well. The essence team believes that makeup should not be too expensive and that quality does not depend on price. They believe that you can produce high-quality products at a low cost. Essence is free of animal cruelty. There is no animal testing of Essence's ingredients, formulations, or finished products anywhere in the world. From the start, all of the essence products are guaranteed to be cruelty-free. That is, the essence does not conduct animal testing and does not use any animal-tested ingredients. Their products are also vegan in 91% of cases. Essence has a strong commitment to the environment; recycling, waste prevention, and the development of sustainable products are all very important to us. In the production of our cosmetics, we strive for general waste reduction and the use of environmentally welcoming, maintainable, and recyclable materials.


Maybelline is the world's most popular cosmetics brand. Maybelline offers its services in nearly 129 countries. Maybelline is a New York cosmetic brand, and we can get Maybelline products in Pakistan by using Maybelline online Pakistan. Maybelline, which was founded in 1913 by Maybell, has remained at the top for more than a century. For over a century, the brand has been a fixture in the industry. Since its inception in New York City, the brand has catered to the needs of makeup enthusiasts all over the world. Maybelline products are frequently included in Allure's Best of Beauty roundups. Maybelline products are among the highest quality in the cosmetic industry. Maybelline's success can be attributed to its low cost and the effectiveness of its products on your face. Maybelline stores and online stores in various countries offer a diverse range of products. Maybelline branded lipstick prices will not exceed Rs1500/-. And the lipstick prices in Pakistan are reasonable, and affordable for everyone. This is also considered the best inexpensive lipstick and is recommended by many enthusiasts and bloggers.

Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution is a low-cost UK makeup company that has gained popularity among beauty enthusiasts due to its trend-driven products and high-end hacks. Makeup Revolution, a minor disruptor at the time, emerged with a clear concept: to challenge existing standards and empower an industry that shapes society. Client feedback, needs, and current trends all influence product innovation. Revolution represents and champions a diverse range of customers. In an industry where beauty norms are only now being challenged, Revolution Beauty has been breaking down these rules and advocating for inclusivity since its inception. The goal was to create high-quality makeup that was affordable to everyone. Our Fast Beauty concept, in which we launch products on a weekly basis, stems from our founders' desire to bring the latest beauty trends and product innovations to market quickly and affordably. Makeup Revolution has been committed to inclusivity since its inception, from incorporating consumer feedback into product development to featuring our own employees, super fans, and content creators in all brand communications, eschewing unrealistic perfection and models in favor of real people, a real beauty.


Artdeco lipsticks add a touch of radiance and sensuality to your lips. Lipstick is more than just everyday makeup; it's also a stunning accessory that allows you to make a statement. Artdeco lipstick will turn your lips into real showstoppers. At the same time, the premium quality ingredients in their lipsticks are best moisturizer and protect the sensitive skin on your lips. The Color Lip Shine Lipstick has a moisturizing, gel-based texture that gives your lips a silky, delicate feel. Whether you prefer classic red or dark red, glittery, or coral, Artdeco’ s Perfect Color Lipstick comes in a wide range of intense colors. It's never been easier to find the perfect color for your home. 

Best Cosmetics store: Cozmetica

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