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Framesi hair products

Framesi Hair Serum: A Must have for your Haircare Routine

The majority probably believes that they have a good supply of framesi hair products at this time. You shampoo and condition your hair twice a week, apply a hair mask once a week, and finish with a heat-protecting leave-in treatment. Is there anything else to think about? As it turns out, one important product with enormous multipurpose effects hair serum may be missing from your routine. Framesi hair serum yeah, you read it right. Because this hair serum can effectively smooth, soften, and protect the hair from environmental aggressors. It contains a concentration of vital nutrients so that your hair will stay smooth and lustrous all day. Are you amazed by the thought of a hair serum, but unsure how to include it into your hair care routine? We've included all of the important dos and don'ts of utilizing this all-in-one product below so you can get started on achieving your daily hashtag hair goals.

Why Hair Serums?

Hair serum is a silicone-based styling product that coats the hair's surface to assist impart extra shine, smoothness, moisture, and humidity and pollution protection. It's not to be mistaken with hair oil. Serums, which may be used on wet or dry hair, can be utilized as a pre-styling treatment as well as a finishing product. It's ideal for wash days, in-between washes, on-the-go touch-ups, and days when you don't have a stylist.

While some serums are criticized for being too heavy and slippery for fine, thin, or greasy hair, our custom-engineered hair serum is completely adaptable. That means it may be used on a wide range of hair types, from coarse to fine. A heat protectant is essential for reducing hair damage, whether you wish to blow-dry or flat-iron your locks. When it comes to hairstyling, serums that give real heat protection, such as Framesi hair serum, are your bestie.

Framesi Hair Serums

In 1945, the Italian company Framesi began marketing hair products. The company quickly established itself as a hair coloring expert. A care line, a style line, and accessories were later introduced in the 1980s. As a result, the Italian brand now offers an extraordinarily diverse selection of products. Framesi is inspired by architecture as well as fashion designers' textiles and materials. This source of inspiration allows the company to keep up with the current hair-fashion trends.

A heat protectant is essential for reducing hair damage, whether you wish to blow-dry or flat-iron your locks. When it comes to hairstyling, serums that give real heat protection, such as Framesi has bespoke hair serum, are your bestie. When the company said ‘hair care products’ they actually meant it. Let’s have a look at some Framesi hair products and the procedure of their use.

Smooth me serum 218 For me- Framesi

Smooth Me Serum by Framesi promotes straight, smooth hair with body. This framesi hair serum moisturizes and gives your hair mild, natural hold. For pollution prevention, it contains Wakame Seaweed extract and an anti-UV filter.


  • Using a towel to dry hair
  • Carefully spread 
  • Style Accordingly

Framesi Morphosis Repair Serum

The first step toward healthy, strong hair is to use Framesi Morphosis Repair Serum. This nourishing and restorative serum is great for caring for and restoring hair after chemical treatments such as hair coloring. The hairs are exceptionally moisturized, have a lot of sheen, and have a lot of volume. Framesi Morphosis Repair Serum is a restorative and caring hair treatment that may be used on all hair types.


After you've washed your face, apply the serum right away. From the hair root to the hair tips, massage it lightly yet carefully. Allow 5 minutes for the serum to absorb before thoroughly rinsing.

Framesi for Me 117 Shine Me Split Ends Essence

FOR ME, Framesi Shine Me Split Ends Essence is a hair restoration and treatment product. Split ends are re-compressed using its perfecting serum. For pollution prevention, it contains Wakame Seaweed extract and an anti-UV filter.


  • Create the style
  • Apply to towel-dried or dry hair to close the split, pass the iron

Framesi Hair Straightening Serum

With the Framesi Color Lover Hair Straightening Serum, you can retain your straight hair to a point. Unwanted frizz and flyaway are tamed with this no-nonsense serum. Strengthens, protects, and moisturizes hair without buildup thanks to antioxidant-rich Indian Gooseberry extract and Watermelon Seed Oil!


Before usage, give it a good shake. From the shaft to the ends, apply to moist hair. To reduce frizz and soften curl, blow-dry straight with a round or paddle brush or air dry. Use heat to create a more dramatic impact.

What type is your hair? All hair serum formulations aren't created equal, just like all hair isn't created equal. Tip: (We always recommend starting at the ends and working your way up to the mid-shafts with your serum. This will guarantee that you not only don't overuse the product, but also that you only apply it to the areas of your hair that need it the most) Above we have provided information so that, you can choose ours totally adaptable to your hair type.

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