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Bourjois Makeup: Is Bourjois Makeup Products any Good in 2022

As we all know, lady is the second term for beauty and makeovers are a favorite pastime irrespective of the age. Since their fundamental requirement is a makeover, so is cosmetics the first love. And when it comes to bourjois makeup, it’s a win-win. Women are constantly on the lookout for the great cosmetic products at a reasonable price. And the very first step to a breathtaking makeup look a well-blended foundation. It is an important component of make-up, and with bourjois foundation, consider your makeup vanity complete. But have you ever thought, what’s all the hype about? Let’s dig down deep, and find out.

Bourjois the Label

For thousands of women throughout the world, Bourjois is the key to effortless beauty. It has a strong international reputation in the fields of cosmetics, makeup, and skincare. Its inventions are usually funny, and they are designed specifically for fashionistas.

The company made a splash in 1924 when it made extensive use of a fictitious muse. Its goods have always been appealing, independent, and endorsed by specialists in the fields of beauty and fashion. Bourjois is recognized all over the world for its simple, easy-to-apply, and intelligent makeup tools. Thousands of people across the world have been drawn to its goods by their brilliant colors and light textures, particularly ladies who prefer simple and authentic fashion to low-quality cosmetics that just shine their faces and leave a slew of negative effects.

The brand is widely regarded as one of the few with minimal adverse effects, and women have faith in it. Its products are high-performing and deliver amazing outcomes to all types of girls and women, regardless of their face, complexity, or color.

Also, the company pledges its unwavering support for women's independence across the world. It provided a new perspective on beauty during the Roaring Twenties, when women all over the world were seeking independence and the freedom to live, giving them more confidence.

The brand has effectively helped women to turn over a new page in the realm of style in recent years. It has given them the ability to sit like a beauty queen while maintaining an effortless attractiveness. In summary, it has given women all around the world a new concept of fashion.

Bourjois Foundation

Bourjois makeup? Wait don’t forget to count in the foundation, because it gives your skin a burst of brightness and keep it perfect for up to 16 hours! Unbelievable right? Bourjois foundation is infused with a fruit treatment solution to improve the appearance of your skin.

It includes apricot for brightness, melon for hydration, and apple for youth protection. Crystalline pigments help to level out the complexion while allowing natural light to enter for a healthy glow.

The foundation’s smooth, fresh texture mixes effortlessly into the skin for a soothing, flawless finish that lasts for 8 hours and leaves you with gorgeous, glowing, and moisturized skin. For healthy-looking skin, choose from eight radiance-boosting hues to suit your skin tone.

Also, it won’t clog your pores thanks to the non-comedogenic composition.  The product boots your complexion, when you need beauty sleep results without the beauty sleep itself. Its emollient texture melts into the skin and keeps you comfortable all day. After application, the medium buildable coverage leaves a natural semi-matte finish. Cool, isn’t it?


The bottle is composed of durable plastic and comes with a red pump. The pump is excellent, and the product is readily extracted. If you don't clean the aperture after every use, the cap will become dirty.

Scent and Texture

It has a powerful scent that reminds of fresh apples. If you like scents, it won’t bother you, and the perfume will dissipate after application. However, it can irritate certain individuals as everyone has different skin. The foundation has a liquidly feel that makes it very simple to distribute. You would assume it's sheer, but it's not, you’ll only need a small amount of product!


This foundation has a medium coverage and effectively conceals dark patches! You don't need a lot of products. On the other hand, this foundation seems cakey on the skin.


Very dewy finish (a little too much for me, but a little powder helps), Didn't dry out my face,  Medium coverage, evens out your complexion, The foundation is simple to apply, It's available on Cozmetica, The cost is affordable, Excellent packing and pump, Pleasant fruity aroma (personal preference, There are eight hues available, including one for dark skin tones, No sun protection factor (SPF) (can be a pro if you take pictures with flash)

Where to buy it from?

Bourjois makeup is easily available online in Pakistan, but how would we know about its authenticity? Don’t worry because we Cozmetica will help you get to the original Bourjois foundation.

Bourjois Makeup at Cozmetica

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