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Bourjois face powder price in Pakistan

Bourjois Face Powder Price in Pakistan: Is Bourjois makeup any good in 2022

Bourjois is a well-known British cosmetics brand that can be bought in stores like Boots and Superdrug. It's a brand we all appreciate because of its economical yet effective cosmetics and whimsical packaging. Bourjois makeup products are vastly famous, their amazing face powder is all women’s favorite products of all times. Bourjois face powder price in Pakistan is the best thing about it. All other Bourjois makeup items are of a mix of innovation, quality and reliability all together. We’ll be telling you about why Bourjois makeup is getting popular in Pakistan and what is all the hype about its products.

Bourjois the brand

The brand's beginnings may be traced back to 1863, when Alexander Napoleon Bourjois produced the first loose powder for the cheeks for theatrical art and characterisation. In this way, he disproved the heavy, oily pomades that had a negative impact on the skin and were thus unpopular among women. That was the start of a true make-up revolution. Bourjois became the emperor's official supplier of theatre after that. Outside of the theatre world, make-up has become increasingly fashionable. Blush in compact, spherical packs became widely available because to their high quality, ease of application, and soft, natural final appearance. Since the launch of Bourjois cosmetics, every lady has wanted a box of pastels on her dressing table.

Nature is envious! read the blush advertisement. It explained the lovely hues Red Mandarin and Pink Ash. Fashion and hues have evolved throughout time, and Bourjois has created new gleaming and sparkly items in new colours that mirror those seen in the Far East. Cosmetics have become a huge hit all around the world. In 1913, Brand made its international debut. Fard Pastel Joues blush for cheeks, Fard Pastel Paupieres - eyeshadows - were the names given to pastels in the 1980s.

The cosmetics were packaged in circular plastic boxes with the BOURJOIS brand on them. Then came the color number, and in 1993, a brush was added. The new logo is a pink triangle with the words Bourjois and Paris in smaller letters. It's worth noting that pastel formulations haven't altered since 1890, and they're still of good quality, while their durability and resistance are put to the test in strength tests, which require them to withstand three falls in a row. Until the 1960s, Ombres and Paupieres cosmetics were baked in a specific area created for this purpose, the so-called Baking Hall.

Bourjois Face Powder

Bourjois' Face Powder gives you a flawless finish to your healthy-looking, natural make-up. This anti-fatigue powder enhances your skin's luminosity while also making it even and shine-free. The unique vitamin C, E, and B5 mix provides an anti-fatigue effect and helps to brighten your skin. The smooth, non-drying nature of Healthy Mix Powder blends effortlessly into the skin and provides the comfort you expect from a great powder. It also has the loveliest fruity flowery smell!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder comes in a chic, spherical compact with a clear lid that lets you see the shade. It also comes with a handy mirror and a huge sponge to make touch-ups a breeze, anywhere and at any time. Healthy Mix Powder from Bourjois will give your complexion the boost it needs! Bourjois face powder price in Pakistan on Cozmetica is budget friendly and makes your look more beautiful. Other items that include Bourjois makeup items include foundations, lipsticks and highlighters that are as good as the face powder. 

Where to buy Bourjois makeup form?

If you believe it's difficult to acquire real Bourjois beauty goods in Pakistan, think again. You can now order your favorite Bourjois items online. Bourjois is a French cosmetics company committed to providing great makeup to Les Femmes. Beauty shouldn't be taken too seriously, they say, and you'll have the greatest fun styling yourself with Boujois products in Pakistan. We have a large selection of 100% authentic and competitively priced Bourjois items for sale in Pakistan at Cozmetica, and we deliver across the country. So, whether you're in Pakistan's capital city or visiting your hometown, you may get real Bourjois goods and meet your beauty demands whenever, wherever, and on any given day! Because our online store is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you!

Bourjois Makeup at Cozmetica

The Bourjois face powder is the brand's most popular and well-reviewed product, and it's ideal for anybody who wants their complexion to appear fresh and bright all day. So, if you're weary of looking drab every day, you must get Boujois' nutritious face powder, which is rich in vitamins B5, C, and E. Wearing this foundation and face powder will assist you both immediately and in the long run. Bourjois face powder price in Pakistan is pocket friendly which means you can stock it as well. So, get your favorite Bourjois makeup products from our online store now.