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5 Must Have Baby Care Products in Pakistan

Who doesn’t want the best for their children? And being a parent, you want the best for your them specially, for the new born. Giving them the greatest skin care regimen to maintain their skin smooth and healthy is part of this. It's difficult to know which baby care products online should one buy. Some components might irritate fragile skin, while others can be absorbed into your child's body. As a result, it's critical to understand the best baby care products in Pakistan can you use on your baby's skin. If you are one of those worrisome parents, continue reading to learn more about infant skin care products and 5 must have baby care products.

Understanding Product Labels

Many infant skin care products make promises about making them safer. Hypoallergenic natural mild organic, for example, can be written on their labels. But what exactly do these phrases imply? Regrettably, not much. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of skin care product regulation, but it does not have the authority to approve items before they hit the stores. When there's a lot of proof that a company is making false claims about a product, the FDA can take action, but sources say that adverse responses to infant cosmetics are underreported. As a result, regulating claims and labelling on infant skin care products may be difficult. In fact, a study of 438 baby cosmetic items revealed that those labelled "sensitive," "gentle," "organic," or "fragrance-free" were more likely to include skin irritants than those without.

Ingredients to avoid

While each infant is different, there are a few things to avoid in items for your child. Ingredients that are prone to cause irritation or allergies, as well as those that can be absorbed via the skin, fall under this category.


A newborn with a pleasant odor is adored by everybody. As a result, scents are often used in newborn skin care. Mostly over half of them include scents or perfumes. Allergies to scents can cause rashes and breathing problems. If your child appears to be allergic to fragranced items. Fragrances may be recognized by a less evident term, such as "amyl cinnamal," or they may be named generally without using particular constituent names. The FDA provides a comprehensive list of common cosmetic allergens, including scents, as well as instructions on how to spot them in ingredient lists.

Synthetic Dyes

The good news is that the FDA regulates most color additives and synthetic dyes, and they must be approved before being used in cosmetics. This accreditation, however, does not apply to all colors. Minerals, plants, and animal sources are among the dyes that do not require certification.


Sulfates are a chemical that is tough to avoid.  They can be found in shampoos and body washes, among other skin care products. Sulfates aren't generally harmful, although they can irritate the skin for a short time. Check your baby's products for sulphates and consider switching to a sulfate-free wash if you detect any redness, dryness, or itching after bath time.

5 Must Have Baby Care Products

There are a variety baby care products online, ranging from baby oils and lotions to spritzes and bubble baths. To avoid dryness and irritation, make sure you use the proper products for your child's bath and other skin care requirements. When choosing items, keep in mind the item's intended use as well as your baby's skin type and sensitivity. Here are some of the best baby care products in Pakistan available at Cozmetica.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Body Lotion for Delicate Skin

Aveeno Baby lotion is a fragrance-free daily moisturizer that you may put on your baby. Natural colloidal oatmeal hydrates your sweetie's skin and keeps it smooth and silky all day. It may be used on a regular basis without leaving your baby's skin oily.

Aveeno Baby Continues Protection Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen

While out and about, use a sunscreen that resembles lotion and has an SPF of 50. It's perfect for kids with delicate skin, and it can withstand water and perspiration for up to 80 minutes. The sunscreen is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free, and non-greasy, with a tear-free formula.

Aveeno Baby Barrier Cream Daily Care Sensitive Skin

Aveeno Infant Daily Care Barrier Cream is a skin protectant that soothes dry, sensitive baby skin. Eczema-prone babies will benefit from this product. After each diaper change, this ointment protects, softens, and moisturizes the baby's skin.

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Hair & Body

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Hair & Body Wash cleans the hair and body of your baby gently, leaving the skin smooth and moisturized and the hair lustrous and simple to comb. The combination of colloidal oatmeal and oat essence calms the skin and provides rapid relief to extremely dry skin. It has been pediatrically evaluated to reduce allergies and may be taken on a regular basis.

Pipette Baby Cream to Powder

This talc-free cream is an excellent mess-free substitute for typical baby powder, which leaves a white residue. Instead, for any irritation or chaffing issues, just squeeze out the cream and rub it into your baby's skin. Because to the product's velvety texture and plant-derived components, no residue is left behind.

Does Cozmetica have these products?

Buying baby care products online can be intimidating since you don't want to put anything on your child that could create an allergic response. You can avoid any reactions by knowing your child's skin type and the components in goods. It will also keep your baby's skin in the greatest possible condition. But Cozmetica has got you covered as it the best baby care products in Pakistan. Cozmetica is an online platform that caters to all of your baby-related requirements, with a nationwide delivery network. Simply choose your goods and provide your shipping information, then sit back and wait for happiness to arrive in a few working days. Visit us now!