BioNike Aknet Hydra Plus 40ml

Rs.6,999 Rs.3,250
  • Nickle Tested
  • Preservative Free
  • Gluten Free

Cosmetic formulation with a moisturising and restorative gel-cream texture.
Favours skin comfort in situations of extreme skin fragility and dryness, also when caused by pharmacological treatments.  

Includes hyaluronic acid included in different molecular weights and slowly-released serine to provide intense and long-lasting hydration. Enriched with ceramide, allantoin and vitamin E, which help to support the natural repair mechanisms of the skin barrier and replenish the hydrolipid layer.

Nourishes skin, without feeling oily, and works to soothe irritation and relieve discomfort sensations.

Tested to be non-comedogenic.

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