Artdeco 3in1 Fixing Spray

Artdeco 3in1 Fixing Spray

Hi everyone! Another review on my blog. Since my last review was about my favorite base and foundation today i want to talk about something that sets my face and makeup, to stay flawless and in place all day. This product is fairly new to me, I just posted not to long ago that i just got it so I’ve been using it only for the last two weeks, but like a real makeup lover I already have some thoughts on it. I will start by saying that my skin is pretty normal (type) but i can get really oily T-zone throughout the day. Usually, i will put on my base (foundation and all those things that go along) early in the morning and wear it all day…until the late afternoon. No matter how good i set my face with translucent powder i will eventually get oily T-zone. I don’t like fixing my oily face by adding more and more powder throughout the day, it just doesn’t work for me, that’s why i wanted to try out a setting spray, to see if there is a hope lol.

I must admit I fell in love with ARTDECO 3in1 makeup fixing spray. My makeup stays and place, smooth all day long, i don’t get oily as much, event after putting my base on a spraying it with the spray it helps my foundation blend more into my skin, it just pure magic. Also, it doesn’t feel like you spray anything on your skin, it’s not dry, it doesn’t mess up your make up its really really good, i teel you! Also, this is my first thing from ARTDECO that i ever tried, and i am so excited to try more and tell you about it. There is nothing else to be said, this spray does its job and I fully recommend it!! How can i forget about 3in1 “thing” you can refresh your makeup with it and also do the priming part. What a bonus!

22nd Mar 2017 VOYAGELAROX

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